Neon Sign – The Best Signage Choice for Business

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When you plan to start a business, the most important aspect after setting up and working capital is- Advertising it to the right people to boost sales. Advertisement plays a vital role in creating brand awareness, boosting sales and generating buzz for your brand. When it comes to starting start-ups, it is tough to remain competitive and requires extra effort.

Major aspect to consider when advertising your businesses are;

Creative aspect
Practical approach
Your sign should serve the purpose of advertising the business and retrieving more sales. There are many types of signs one can use for their business, however, there are many benefits of opting for custom neon signs since they are more energy-efficient. This article explains why neon signs are the best signage option for your business.

Why do you need a neon sign?
Business signage is essentially a graphical display that is meant to send the right message to potential customers and clients. Every business requires some form of advertising and a fancy custom sign is an effective method of advertising your business.

Besides, it is also more economical. Since in most cases it is likely to be the first thing a customer notices, and an attractive one boosts more engagement and sales.

A business can design neon signage in any shape or size they desire. A good neon sign will serve the purpose of advertising & marketing, attract foot traffic and also in guiding customers directly to your store.

What are the benefits of neon signs?
Neon is highly energy-efficient making it ideal for most businesses. It uses 50 to 60 per cent less electricity due to its unique design of neon signs and tends to be more effective by ensuring it captures most people’s attention.
Neon LED signs are aesthetically pleasing and effective for both; indoors and outdoors.
They are highly durable as compared to an average light bulb and the effectiveness will not deteriorate.
A Neon LED sign is highly versatile. It will stand out in densely populated regions since it is bright and multi-coloured. There is great flexibility for designing it as well, hence this too works in your favour.
They are eco-friendly since they consume less energy and have a low carbon footprint.
They are highly appealing and with a little creativity can also help make your business more beautiful.
They are durable, effective and versatile.
A Neon LED sign is also highly versatile. It will stand out in densely populated regions since it is bright and multicoloured. There is great flexibility for designing it as well; hence this too works in your favour.
Due to their brightness they are ideal for businesses like restaurants, hotels, pubs & bars, etc.
It is perfect for 24-hour business; as it will attract the attention of those passing by and also be an effective method of advertisement.

Are Neon Signs reliable?
A neon sign is like a silent salesperson that works round the clock to attract customers. This type of sign will usually be highly visible, highly effective and also very reliable.

It is the most attractive way to work on the purpose of brand reinforcement and promoting your business. As a business you have the option to create your own neon signs in Australia. This is the most affordable and effective type of sign.

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Where To Buy Olukai Womens Shoes Online?

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With traditional stores forced to shut down and everyone forced to stay indoors to stop the spread, online store revolution saw a huge boost. There are an estimated 7.9 million online retailers worldwide, 2.1million of them are from the United States. There is an estimate of 2.14 billion people who purchased online. Another interesting fact is that 63% of this shopping occurrence begins online. Aside from physical Olukai stores, there are many retailers worldwide that offer their products. So, if you are going to buy Olukai Womens shoes online, there should be no hassle. Their customer service is excellent too that they would guide you to choose which kind of shoes would perfectly fit you. Visit their website now and experience it yourself.

How Much Would It Cost If You Buy Olukai Womens shoes online?

A pair of Olukai womens shoes online would cost you around $85 to $120. Given it’s top-notch quality, the said price range is amazingly affordable. Shoe designs on Okulai stores come in different variants to choose from. Nowadays, women who are fashion-oriented also consider the comfort of wearing shoes. Hansensurf knows what the customers want, so they ensure that every product they offer to its loyal customers, passed its rigorous quality control to met this standard. And oh, did I mention that on your first order whether a physical store or online, you are entitled to a 10% discount. A promo of a minimum of more than $50 would entitle you to free shipping also. That’s a great deal that is hard to resist!

Why Online Purchase?

Due to the covid-19 health protocols, many physical stores like Olukai stores, shifted the majority of their operations online. Of course, nothing beats the experience of shopping in a physical store, especially when it comes to shoes, and especially when the physical store has a cool ambiance like Olukai Store. But how numerous are the benefits of online shopping especially if you want to buy Olukai womens shoes online? For those who do not have much time to go shopping, having a shop open 24 hours a day, with a large portfolio at their disposal and all the comforts of home, is a priceless opportunity. When it comes to shoes, however, many people become engrossed in doubt before making a purchase. Why? Of course, they may think that what if the shoes they ordered did not perfectly fits in? Or somehow did not meet their expectations? What are they going to do? Olukai stores, addressed these issues for customers satisfaction, they ensure that the e-commerce return policy was customer-oriented, provided conversion chart and size guide as a reference prior to ordering, and of course, their customer support team that is willing to assist and guide you through the ordering process. After-sales support is also exceptional. This ease for the customer to have a great experience shopping online.

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How to Choose a Musical Instrument to Play

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Many adults, especially people who enjoy instrumental and acoustic music, would really like to be told to play a device, but are intimidated by the prospect — where to start? Well, before you’ll learn a replacement instrument, you have got to truly, know, pick the instrument. You have got access to a far wider range of instruments, teachers, and options… it is a far cry from the old junior high school decision of picking between clarinet and trombone!

Here are some inquiries to ask you before picking an instrument

Difficulty: Hard

Time Required: Varies

Here’s How:

What quite music does one like? This looks as if a noticeable point, but think it through: if you actually prefer paying attention to acoustic ethnic music, drums — fun as they appear — won’t be the correct choice. But really dig deep with this question. A device could be a big investment of your time and money, so confirm the fashion of music that you would be playing fits the bill. Some instruments are more versatile than others — once you get basic fiddle fingering and bowing perfect, you’ll concentrate on a genre or still dabble in many, for instance, whereas the sitar may be a bit more limiting.

In what type of situations does one see you playing? Does playing in an acoustic instrument musical performance sound good? Perhaps the mandolin would be an honest choice. What are the constraints of your budget? Most instruments are often purchased in various price ranges, but some are more drastically cheap or expensive than others.

The recorder, as an example, will run you about twelve bucks for a superbly good, playable instrument — and at the highest of the road, they do not generally run over $300. On the flip side, you’d have a tough time finding a decent-quality oud for fewer than some hundred bucks, maybe more — they’re less-commonly imported and really complicated to manufacture properly.

What kind of practice space does one have? sleep in a thin-walled co-op within the middle of Manhattan? Live to tell the tale a farm within the middle of nowhere? Squeeze freely, my friend.

How easy will or not it’s to seek out a teacher? you should not have too hard of a time finding a cello instructor within some miles of any small city anywhere you reside. If you wish to play the Cajun-style diatonic accordion, your options are slightly more limited. That does not mean it’s not possible to find out a rare instrument, an educator, and bear in mind that you simply may must travel quite far for in-person lessons. Some instrument teachers will teach remotely, via Skype or another application, but that lesson style may or might not work for you.

What quite time does one want to place into the instrument? All instruments would force an infinite time investment if you wish to become a extremely excellent player, except for less time, you’ll become a fairly good or adequate player, betting on what you are looking for. If you actually want to create music but have little or no time to speculate in practicing, a straightforward rhythm instrument, like djembe, may be a great choice.

What are your physical limitations? If you cannot hoist something heavy, don’t attempt to play upright bass. If you do not have great lung capacity, moot about the saxophone. Trick elbow? Trombone might not be very easy. Certainly, if you have the desire to play something which will be physically difficult for you, you’ll surpass nearly anything, but be ready for a small amount of adversity.

If you actually want to accompany yourself singing, especially if you would like to try to to it solo, you may consider going with one in all the 2 classics: piano or guitar musical instruments shop in delhi. Sure, lots of great musicians have accompanied themselves on other instruments, but piano and guitar can both provide a fullness and range of sound that, solo, accompany somebody’s voice well. It’s no accident that they are the foremost popular accompanying instruments for singers.

Do you wish to find out to read music? If you want to play Western musical style, you will need to find out to read music, specifically on whichever clef accompanies your instrument. Jazz players generally must learn to read music, as well, though it can look a touch different than classical composition, and a few international music traditions have various types of written music and charts likewise. If you are looking to avoid reading music and play just by ear, most genres of folk’s music round the world don’t require any written notation.

If you wish to be in the lead, pick the instrument that takes the foremost solos and plays the melody within your chosen genre. If you’d well be an unsung hero, choose something within the percussion section.

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The Special Ingredients Present in ProSolution Pills

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ProSolution Pills are different from other similar products available in the market today because of one significant reason. These pills contain a number of specially patented products that are designed to create significant benefits for the male using them. These specially formulated products are made from herbal ingredients just like everything else that is used in these pills. The three main products in this line are Solidilin, L-Dopa and Drilizen. As you shall see, these products have some specific benefits for penis enhancement and improving the overall health of the male using them.


Solidilin is shown to directly influence the sexual motivation in men. This compound can improve the sexual urge in men who have low libido. Tests conducted by the School of Pharmaceutical Sciences in the University of Science, Malaysia, have attested the libido enhancing prowess of Solidilin in a famous experiment that was carried on laboratory rats.

Solidilin becomes a significant part of ProSolution pills. Since this substance can make men more aroused, they get erections more often. The other components then help in improving the blood flow into the penis, thus bringing about substantial permanent gains.


L-Dopa is a precursor to dopamine. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter present in the brain that is associated with the sensation of pleasure. The introduction of this substance ensures that the sexual act becomes more pleasurable to the male, which enhances the overall experience. L-Dopa is not a patented product, but ProSolution pills are one of the few penis enlargement products that use this substance as an ingredient.


Drilizen is directly connected with the release of nitric oxide, a substance that is useful in vasodilation. This effect helps in opening out the blood vessels of the penis, which can then get better engorged with blood. This helps the person to get a better erection. The larger amount of blood also means that the penis becomes firmer. Also, the erection lasts for a longer time.

Drilizen is also associated with testosterone stimulation. When the concentration of this male hormone increases, the overall activity becomes more pleasurable.

Thus, the ‘special’ ingredients present in the ProSolution pills make this more than a run-of-the-mill enlargement product, helping in improve the quality of the act and not just the quantity of the organ.

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Information Technology Strategies – Past, Present and Future

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We have seen extraordinary changes in IT over the past three decades. During this time we’ve seen new technologies and new IT strategies develop and mature. As we approach 2010 I’d like to share my predictions for the next generation of IT. Some companies have already awoken to see their new IT future but mostly IT organizations are still wrestling with the nightmares of past and present strategies. I hope this article will awaken more companies to the new world at their doorsteps and rethink their IT ways of the past, present and future.

Up until the 1980′s we experienced the era of mainframe exclusivity where strict controls and IT disciplines were the norm. This era limited us to mainframe reports as our exclusive medium for information. Custom report requests took weeks and months to deliver because of the sheer number of requests. There was a hunger within corporations for information: information to help guide decisions. But the mainframe reports only teased the taste buds of information hungry business leaders.

The 80′s

This hunger led to the explosion of distributed computing of the 80′s. I use distributed computing in a very broad sense here to include all distributed systems of the time including midrange (Unix), Wintel (Novel, PC LAN) and desktop PC’s (DOS, Windows 386). A multitude of others have sprung up since these “pioneering” systems were introduced and are included in this category. In this decade smaller departments took their standard mainframe reports and imported them into their own distributed systems and created their own customized data stores…with customized reporting. These new “distributed” systems sprung up throughout the enterprise. Different systems in different locations: all creating storehouses of information…all using different operating systems and different databases and different applications that didn’t talk with each other.

The 90′s

In the early 90′s corporations realized for the first time that with all these departments running their own distributed systems they lost track of how much was being spent on IT. Each department had their IT cost buried in their own departmental budgets. In these distributed environments many IT support staff performed dual roles. We saw Accounting clerks performing systems administration functions and tech savvy clerks become the informal help desk that department users called when help was needed.

By the mid 90′s we saw a major effort in corporations to centralize their IT functions into one IT organization. This was the only way corporations could regain their grasp of their total IT spending. Through this IT Centralization effort, departments once again lost control of their systems, data and most importantly, their information. Central IT became the Technology Police telling departments what information they could have and what they couldn’t.

The new Centralized IT’s of the 90′s had several challenges. Their charter: provide the whole enterprise with IT support within a set budget. Within these new centralized IT organizations many questions had to be answered. Should the new Centralized IT force departments to surrender their systems and technical staff or should incentives be provided for them to comply? What services should the Centralized IT provide? Everything the departments needed or wanted or only pre-defined services? How would Centralized IT services be funded? Will the departments pay by user or will it be a corporate expense? How should IT projects be funded, by the requesting organization or a Centralized IT budget? Consequently every corporation wrestled through these questions and came up with different IT models.

The New Millenium

When the 2000′s rolled around we saw IT formalizing on best practices. These practices developed around a set of basic services provided across most system types such as Hardware/Software Standards, system updates/upgrades, tape backups, off-site storage, help desk services, Change Control, etc. These base services evolved from efforts to trim down IT overhead. In the 2000′s Outsourcing of data center operations became more plausible as companies sought additional cost reductions. During this period the phrase “managing your mess for less” became the unofficial mantra for IT Outsourcing who took over the mess Centralized IT created and charged a lower rate for delivering the same basic services.

By 2005 we heard a new battle cry to lower costs even further. Enter the age of “off-shoring”. IT providers heeded the call for lower rates by delivering services with low-cost overseas resources. If the early 2000′s mantra was “your mess for less”, the mid 2000′s mantra was “your mess for even less”

As we embark on the next decade of 2010, IT leaders will awaken to a new day where they realize “your mess for even less” still costs too much! Their new mantra will be “why are we living with this mess in the first place?” IT leadership will stop and evaluate why they are providing the services they are providing? Why are they backing up everything at each site to tape and sending it to off-site storage as if everything at remote sites is critical information? Why are they backing up everything at their data centers to tape when the only things that must go to tape are critical records for archiving? What low-value services are they providing that don’t need to be performed? Over the next decade IT will redefine themselves and eliminate their mess altogether.

2010 and Beyond

In 2010, IT Organizations will restructure themselves around three strategies. First, IT will fine tune the services they offer. For example, they will provide full services to critical systems/data only and they will tolerate longer outages on non-critical systems. They will change their approach to backups and incorporate temporary disk storage as a replacement for tape backups for non-critical systems, particularly in remote branch offices. IT will surgically eliminate all “low value” services on a “system by system” basis. They will provide services only where needed.

Secondly, IT will outsource their basic services such as helpdesk and systems administration to IT providers who will deliver those services for a fraction of their own costs. Thirdly, IT leaders will redirect their focus from providing generic IT services to providing essential technologies that key business groups need to grow the business. IT will transition from being cost centers/overhead to revenue enablers. IT once and for all will get rid of “their mess” and transform into a true business partner.

In 2010 the new IT Organization will put less emphasis on system specific technical skills and more towards senior technology professionals who can generate business value by incorporating technologies. By the end of the next decade IT organizations will consist of high-end technical resources that design business specific solutions across multiple frameworks. They will have diverse, multi-platform, solution designers with a handful of implementers and system administrators.

Over the past 3 decades we saw IT evolve from Mainframes to Distributed Computing. We saw IT functions sprawl as companies moved to distributed computing. We saw IT make full circle by Centralizing IT to include both Mainframe and Distributed Computing. We saw Centralized IT mature into a service model and Outsourcing its operational services. In the next decade, we’ll see IT transform “their mess” to “no mess” revenue enablers. Instead of being viewed by business units as the obstacle to overcome, IT will become the “go-to” team that enables business units to reach their revenue goals.

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Thinking on Your Feet – How to Organize a Presentation Almost Instantaneously

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“How can I learn to think on my feet?”

That’s one of the most frequently asked questions I get about public speaking.

It’s usually followed by, “I’m OK if I have time to prepare a presentation, but my mind just goes blank if I’m called on with little notice.”

When I hear that, my first response is usually a question back to the questioner. “Could you have anticipated being called on? Was this an issue or project where your knowledge would been useful or interesting for the people you were meeting with? If so, thinking ahead and preparing for the possibility that you might be called on, would have prevented being surprised.”

But even if you try to anticipate situations, you are bound to miss some. In those cases, there is a solution.

Here’s a 4-step formula to help you think on your feet (or sitting on your seat) when you’ve been asked unexpectedly to speak. It provides instant organization and allows you to look and feel confident.

Think of 3 questions you are frequently asked about the topic. (Or think of 3 issues you can talk about and turn them into questions.)
Open with, “Here are the 3 questions I’m being asked about [topic].
Ask yourself the first question and then answer it. Repeat for questions 2 and 3.
Conclude with a call for action (“What I need from you is…”); a summary of your objective (“The bottom line of all of this is …”); or a forward-looking statement (“So here is what we will be focusing on in the next [quarter]“).
There you have it. A way to organize your thoughts. Quick. Easy. Powerful.

And it lets you succeed where most speakers fail–when thinking on your feet.

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The Importance of Teeth Whitener in the Present Generation

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A Teeth whitener is a compound that is used to whiten the teeth. If the teethes are improperly maintained without cleanliness, yellowish and brownish stains will be the result. No one likes to roam around displaying these discolorations. When people start noticing these on their teeth, they always seek the best teeth whitening products to whiten their teeth. In this brief description, I will be listing the importance of these products. We want to remove these discolorations in an effective and orderly manner. With suitable guidance and proper usage of specific products, one will be able to regain the natural whiteness of the teeth.

There are many misconceptions in this niche. We will start with them. The white color of the teeth can be maintained by regular brushing and this is on the top. It is true that the discolorations can be partially averted by brushing. However, the diet plays an integral role on the color of the teeth. Along with regular brushing, one should alter the dietary practices so that a teeth whitener can be effective. One need not visit a dentist for whitening their teeth. Modern day technology has advanced in such a manner that the teeth can be whitened in the comfort of your house.

The ingredients which are present in a teeth whitener play an important role in whitening the teeth. The product may be manufactured using synthetic or natural substances. It is better to stick with those products manufactured using natural substances. They are known to be fast-acting, effective and the whitening effect will stay for some time. Besides, they do not pose any serious health implications like the other compounds. If you are confused about the specific activities of the ingredients, you can always look up the necessary information on the internet.

Choosing the right teeth whitener is integral. Keep in mind that you are investing on something to keep your teeth white. Wrong turns must be avoided. In the extremes of the situation, people have known to lose their teeth. Now, that is something inappropriate. The idea is to invest on one, after reading through the countless reviews that are posted online. Specific websites are known to cater for the users who are new to the niche. Personalized recommendations will be listed in these portals, and you are free to choose one among them.

Speaking about the importance of these products in the present generation is immense. The mental balances of people vary. Some are known to flaunt their yellow teeth. At the same time, some people are known to stay indoors because of their teeth. Instead of cowering, it is best advised to seek out the various whitening products. A quick research on the internet and you will be out on the streets aiming to buy one of those products. People start realizing the importance of possessing whiter teeth only later at their life. By then the situation would have aggravated and expensive procedures will be required to whiten the teeth.

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Cards of Destiny – Your Yearly Spreads Cards – The Key to Your Past, Present and Future

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The way the system of the cards of destiny works is quite magical in many ways. First of all, instead of months, the year is divided into seven planetary periods, each 52 days long. They begin on your birthday each year. On your birthday each year you begin the Mercury period, which lasts for 52 days. The entire sequence is as follows:

Mercury – begins on your birthday, lasts 52 days Venus – lasts 52 days Mars- lasts 52 days Jupiter – lasts 52 days Saturn – lasts 52 days Uranus – lasts 52 days Neptune – starts 52 days before your next birthday

The dates that each of these periods begin can be calculated by simply adding 52 days to your birthday, and so on. For example, for someone born on December 5th, the dates would be

Mercury – December 5th Venus – January 27th Mars – March 20th Jupiter – May 11th Saturn – July 2nd Uranus – August 23rd Neptune – October 14th

These periods begin and end on the same dates, except on leap year for a small number of birthdays.

In each of these periods are generally found two cards (Neptune often has only one). These cards are not selected by you. They are calculated from the day of your birth. Thus these cards and the other ones in your ‘yearly spread’ as we call it, are all fixed from the moment of your birth. The two cards in each period, we call planetary period cards, govern these 52-day periods and tell you what will happen, and often who that will happen with. For example, someone who as a 4 of Hearts and a Jack of Diamonds in their Venus period might get married (4 of Hearts) to a young Diamond man (Jack of Diamonds). And often the cards that show up in our planetary periods are the very Birth Cards of people we know, ensuring us that they will be the ones that we will be interacting with at that time. It is amazing sometimes how uncannily this can work out. I remember when I took my first class in the cards I realized that I had an A of Hearts with a 2 of Clubs in Venus, right at that time. Well, Catherine Oxenberg, a famous actress whose Birth Card is a 2 of Clubs, was another student present in that class. And the A of Hearts represented my strong attraction to her. I was stunned when I discovered that, and a little embarrassed, thinking that she would know my secret.

These planetary period cards are important for understanding what is going on during these 52-day spans of time and helpful in making future predictions. But there are five other cards in the yearly spread that are actually a lot more powerful than these. We call these the Year-Long Influence Cards.

Year-Long Influence Cards

These five cards are the most powerful of all. Actually people from the special family of seven that we discussed in our last lesson only have three of these. But in either case, these are the cards to look for first when making some sort of determination about what a year holds in store for us. The five cards are: The Long Range Card The Pluto Card The Result Card The Environment Card The Displacement Card

The last two are the ones that the special ‘family of seven do not have. It is a bit complicated to explain why right now. Just chalk it up to their fixed natures for now. We will talk a bit about each of these cards now.

The Long Range Card is the most important of all. I call the headliner card for the year. It essentially points to something, or in some cases, someone, that will be the most important holder of your attention for any given year. I can often scan the Long Range Cards for someone and see how their future will unfold over a period of years. It is quite fascinating. But whenever I do cards reading on my weekly radio show, the first place I look is at the caller’s Long Range Card. Usually it will tell me everything I need to know. It is just that important. In addition, you have another Long Range Card found in the yearly spread for your Planetary Ruling Card, which does not appear in these free applications. When you want the entire picture of the year you will want to know both. I remember when I appeared on the Marilu Henner show a numbers of years back. She was studying her spreads and looking for cards that would represent the birth of her newborn son. There were no childbirth cards present. However, his Birth Card was her Long Range Card! When I pointed this out to her, her skepticism turned into surprise and wonder.

The Pluto Card and the Result Card are related. As we begin each year, they both, when their meaning is combined together, tell you what the challenges you will face this year. Sometimes these are cards of people you know, or will meet. Usually they represent something you want that you do not have as you begin your year. When this happens, they are an important goal. Other times these cards represent changes that you have been ignoring, but are necessary. We used to call these the challenge cards. The cool thing is that every year you are guaranteed to make these changes and the reward is your Result Card, which is always interpreted in a positive way. Sometimes it represents a quality you will possess and in some cases a person. I remember predicting the birth of my second son Michael because that year I had the King of Hearts, called the father card, as my Result Card. This is how easy and amazing this system is.

The Environment Card is always a blessing card that gives us gifts for the current year. It also can be a person, or it could be a money card, a move card, or a love card. Whatever it is each year, it will be something that is helping you. Wouldn’t you like to know what yours is?

The Displacement Card is equally important. It is a ‘locational’ card, though that is a bit difficult to explain in an introductory article like this. What it often does is pinpoint major years of success, fame, recognition, reward, or in some rare cases, caution. Some of the most important cycles of our life are heralded by our Displacement Card.

Your Birth Card has a yearly spread and so does your Planetary Ruling Card. So for most people this means you have two spreads to look at each year. With so many destiny cards, you have ample information about every month of the year, and the year in a general sense. All of this probably sounds a bit complicated. However, I guarantee you that you can learn this in an hour or less. Imagine, you invest an hour of your time to learn a tool that you can use for the rest of your life. I have business clients who spend thousands of dollars having me examine their yearly spreads to help them make business decisions.

Robert Lee Camp is the number one teacher, author, and authority alive today in the realm of card science. He has written over 15 books about this amazing science and has personally performed several thousand readings for individuals and for businesses and corporations. Get a

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What I Learned About Powerpoint Presentations In The Military

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As a military officer I’ve learned quite a bit about using PowerPoint and learned the hard ‎way how to brief complex information in a short amount of time. I’d like to share my ‎experiences with you so that your next presentation will be a surefire success. ‎

First, in my opinion, success begins with your slide show and its set up. This is one case ‎where less is more. PowerPoint is a powerful piece of software with a ton of good ‎features that have their place, however, fancy transitions, embedded sounds, and odd ‎colors can cloud a presentation and distract from you objective – getting your point ‎across. So, with that being said, I offer the following suggestions:

o Use a slide master – found under View – Master – Slide Master. If you set this ‎up right you can eliminate a lot of formatting later.

o Follow the KISS (Keep it Simple, Stupid) Principle. Eliminate the flowery ‎background and the fancy fonts – a simple black and white slide that outlines ‎your points in quick succession will go much further than a pretty slide lacking ‎content. Also these stripped down presentations will be smaller and load ‎quicker, reducing wait times when you’re briefing away from your personal ‎computer.

o Show the “Bottom Line Up Front” that is, from the beginning, let your audience ‎know what your point is and reinforce it along the way.

Second, how you give the presentation tells a lot about your comfort with the information ‎and your preparation. Remember you’re the one giving the presentation, and therefore ‎you’re in control of the information flowing and you can lead the audience where you ‎want them to go. I offer the following suggestions:

o Watch your body language – what are you doing with your hands and arms? ‎Are your arms crossed over your chest or do you frequently gesture with your ‎hands? Neither is 100% right or wrong but I submit that keeping your arms ‎crossed over your chest sends a signal that you don’t want to be there and ‎frequent hand/arm gestures can distract from your presentation.

o How do you give the information? Don’t be the presenter that reads the slide ‎verbatim to the audience. If you’ve done your homework you should have set ‎up your presentation so that as the audience reads your slides, your narration ‎amplifies what’s on the screen or provides clarification for complex slides. ‎Nothing frustrates an audience more than having a slide read to them.

o Make eye contact and keep the audience involved. You’ve come to tell them ‎something or sell them something, etc…so to that end, the more you involve ‎them and make it clear why you’re there; then your point is more likely to sink ‎in.

o Utilize concrete examples in your presentation and be able to articulate where ‎you got your information from. While some presentations can make use of ‎emotions, I submit that empirical data goes further than raw emotion 9 times out ‎of 10.

In summation, I think GEN Colon Powell said it best in his book, MY AMERICAN ‎JOURNEY, when briefing – tell them what you’re going to tell them, tell them, and then ‎tell them what you said. It’s a good construct to follow. Have an agenda slide, give the ‎presentation, and then recap for your audience. Utilize the opportunity to engage your ‎audience and never ever read slides to your audience. ‎

Not everyone has an instant affinity for public speaking and working with PowerPoint. ‎However, with some practice and keeping a few simple tips in mind, you can greatly ‎improve your public speaking ability by adding PowerPoint slides.‎

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Mother’s Day: Purchase The Perfect Present!

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The good thing about there being so many choices for Mother’s Day gifts on the market today, is that there are many great ideas for Mother’s Day gifts you may not have thought of before. In this article I hope to help you see a whole new and wide variety of Mother’s Day gifts to choose from.

If she is a new mom, the very best Mother’s Day gifts may be gifts that will help with the baby or toddler. Or, perhaps she would prefer something personal and just for her–depending on the woman. However it is often practical and pleasantly surprising for a new mother to receive Mother’s Day gifts such as toys, blankets, pajamas, and other practical items for her new child.

New moms tend to really like Mother’s Day gifts such as t-shirts or coffee mugs that say “number one mom” or even custom designed t-shirts that have a picture of the new infant, baby or toddler that says: “I love my mommy”. This is, of course, because a new mommy is usually very proud.

However, on the other hand, there are moms out there who consider these kinds of Mother’s Day presents tacky and would much more appreciate a nicer, more expensive gift. If the Mother’s Day gift you are looking for is for your own mother, you very likely already know her personal taste in gifts. The most important factor in such a case then yields the question: how much money do you have to spend on Mother’s Day gifts? Believe it or not, you can find beautiful and luxurious Mother’s Day gifts at discount prices when you search online. And many of these items will be great choices for your mom.

Kids buying Mother’s Day gifts may need a little help, of course. Try to find some merchandise for them to look at before they decide. Of course, the merchandise the children select from will have to be in their allowance price-range, unless you, as their father, or guardian want to pitch in and give the Mother’s Day gift from both of you. Signed “with love from little Josh and Daddy” or something like that.

Young adults looking for Mother’s Day gifts will most often have to consider the cost as well. However, adults do not usually need help finding a Mother’s Day gift within his or her price range very easily. Especially when you search the Internet, there are many great selections to look at.

Your Mother’s Day gifts will be impressive and unexpected when you browse around for that perfect item that mom is sure to love. When you see it you will know that it is perfect for her. You may have given her the usual types of gifts over and over for a long time–but with a wide range of possibilities, you can make this Mother’s Day stand out from all the rest with the best gift ever!

For spouses, and older adults the same rules apply–although older adults and spouses often have a higher budget to work with. However, there are still Mother’s Day gifts that are high quality merchandise and in tip-top condition offered for great prices at the simple click of a mouse. Shop from the convenience of your home this Mother’s Day and choose the Mother’s Day gifts ideal for her!

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