Cards of Destiny – Your Yearly Spreads Cards – The Key to Your Past, Present and Future

The way the system of the cards of destiny works is quite magical in many ways. First of all, instead of months, the year is divided into seven planetary periods, each 52 days long. They begin on your birthday each year. On your birthday each year you begin the Mercury period, which lasts for 52 days. The entire sequence is as follows:

Mercury – begins on your birthday, lasts 52 days Venus – lasts 52 days Mars- lasts 52 days Jupiter – lasts 52 days Saturn – lasts 52 days Uranus – lasts 52 days Neptune – starts 52 days before your next birthday

The dates that each of these periods begin can be calculated by simply adding 52 days to your birthday, and so on. For example, for someone born on December 5th, the dates would be

Mercury – December 5th Venus – January 27th Mars – March 20th Jupiter – May 11th Saturn – July 2nd Uranus – August 23rd Neptune – October 14th

These periods begin and end on the same dates, except on leap year for a small number of birthdays.

In each of these periods are generally found two cards (Neptune often has only one). These cards are not selected by you. They are calculated from the day of your birth. Thus these cards and the other ones in your ‘yearly spread’ as we call it, are all fixed from the moment of your birth. The two cards in each period, we call planetary period cards, govern these 52-day periods and tell you what will happen, and often who that will happen with. For example, someone who as a 4 of Hearts and a Jack of Diamonds in their Venus period might get married (4 of Hearts) to a young Diamond man (Jack of Diamonds). And often the cards that show up in our planetary periods are the very Birth Cards of people we know, ensuring us that they will be the ones that we will be interacting with at that time. It is amazing sometimes how uncannily this can work out. I remember when I took my first class in the cards I realized that I had an A of Hearts with a 2 of Clubs in Venus, right at that time. Well, Catherine Oxenberg, a famous actress whose Birth Card is a 2 of Clubs, was another student present in that class. And the A of Hearts represented my strong attraction to her. I was stunned when I discovered that, and a little embarrassed, thinking that she would know my secret.

These planetary period cards are important for understanding what is going on during these 52-day spans of time and helpful in making future predictions. But there are five other cards in the yearly spread that are actually a lot more powerful than these. We call these the Year-Long Influence Cards.

Year-Long Influence Cards

These five cards are the most powerful of all. Actually people from the special family of seven that we discussed in our last lesson only have three of these. But in either case, these are the cards to look for first when making some sort of determination about what a year holds in store for us. The five cards are: The Long Range Card The Pluto Card The Result Card The Environment Card The Displacement Card

The last two are the ones that the special ‘family of seven do not have. It is a bit complicated to explain why right now. Just chalk it up to their fixed natures for now. We will talk a bit about each of these cards now.

The Long Range Card is the most important of all. I call the headliner card for the year. It essentially points to something, or in some cases, someone, that will be the most important holder of your attention for any given year. I can often scan the Long Range Cards for someone and see how their future will unfold over a period of years. It is quite fascinating. But whenever I do cards reading on my weekly radio show, the first place I look is at the caller’s Long Range Card. Usually it will tell me everything I need to know. It is just that important. In addition, you have another Long Range Card found in the yearly spread for your Planetary Ruling Card, which does not appear in these free applications. When you want the entire picture of the year you will want to know both. I remember when I appeared on the Marilu Henner show a numbers of years back. She was studying her spreads and looking for cards that would represent the birth of her newborn son. There were no childbirth cards present. However, his Birth Card was her Long Range Card! When I pointed this out to her, her skepticism turned into surprise and wonder.

The Pluto Card and the Result Card are related. As we begin each year, they both, when their meaning is combined together, tell you what the challenges you will face this year. Sometimes these are cards of people you know, or will meet. Usually they represent something you want that you do not have as you begin your year. When this happens, they are an important goal. Other times these cards represent changes that you have been ignoring, but are necessary. We used to call these the challenge cards. The cool thing is that every year you are guaranteed to make these changes and the reward is your Result Card, which is always interpreted in a positive way. Sometimes it represents a quality you will possess and in some cases a person. I remember predicting the birth of my second son Michael because that year I had the King of Hearts, called the father card, as my Result Card. This is how easy and amazing this system is.

The Environment Card is always a blessing card that gives us gifts for the current year. It also can be a person, or it could be a money card, a move card, or a love card. Whatever it is each year, it will be something that is helping you. Wouldn’t you like to know what yours is?

The Displacement Card is equally important. It is a ‘locational’ card, though that is a bit difficult to explain in an introductory article like this. What it often does is pinpoint major years of success, fame, recognition, reward, or in some rare cases, caution. Some of the most important cycles of our life are heralded by our Displacement Card.

Your Birth Card has a yearly spread and so does your Planetary Ruling Card. So for most people this means you have two spreads to look at each year. With so many destiny cards, you have ample information about every month of the year, and the year in a general sense. All of this probably sounds a bit complicated. However, I guarantee you that you can learn this in an hour or less. Imagine, you invest an hour of your time to learn a tool that you can use for the rest of your life. I have business clients who spend thousands of dollars having me examine their yearly spreads to help them make business decisions.

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