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What I Learned About Powerpoint Presentations In The Military

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As a military officer I’ve learned quite a bit about using PowerPoint and learned the hard ‎way how to brief complex information in a short amount of time. I’d like to share my ‎experiences with you so that your next presentation will be a surefire success. ‎

First, in my opinion, success begins with your slide show and its set up. This is one case ‎where less is more. PowerPoint is a powerful piece of software with a ton of good ‎features that have their place, however, fancy transitions, embedded sounds, and odd ‎colors can cloud a presentation and distract from you objective – getting your point ‎across. So, with that being said, I offer the following suggestions:

o Use a slide master – found under View – Master – Slide Master. If you set this ‎up right you can eliminate a lot of formatting later.

o Follow the KISS (Keep it Simple, Stupid) Principle. Eliminate the flowery ‎background and the fancy fonts – a simple black and white slide that outlines ‎your points in quick succession will go much further than a pretty slide lacking ‎content. Also these stripped down presentations will be smaller and load ‎quicker, reducing wait times when you’re briefing away from your personal ‎computer.

o Show the “Bottom Line Up Front” that is, from the beginning, let your audience ‎know what your point is and reinforce it along the way.

Second, how you give the presentation tells a lot about your comfort with the information ‎and your preparation. Remember you’re the one giving the presentation, and therefore ‎you’re in control of the information flowing and you can lead the audience where you ‎want them to go. I offer the following suggestions:

o Watch your body language – what are you doing with your hands and arms? ‎Are your arms crossed over your chest or do you frequently gesture with your ‎hands? Neither is 100% right or wrong but I submit that keeping your arms ‎crossed over your chest sends a signal that you don’t want to be there and ‎frequent hand/arm gestures can distract from your presentation.

o How do you give the information? Don’t be the presenter that reads the slide ‎verbatim to the audience. If you’ve done your homework you should have set ‎up your presentation so that as the audience reads your slides, your narration ‎amplifies what’s on the screen or provides clarification for complex slides. ‎Nothing frustrates an audience more than having a slide read to them.

o Make eye contact and keep the audience involved. You’ve come to tell them ‎something or sell them something, etc…so to that end, the more you involve ‎them and make it clear why you’re there; then your point is more likely to sink ‎in.

o Utilize concrete examples in your presentation and be able to articulate where ‎you got your information from. While some presentations can make use of ‎emotions, I submit that empirical data goes further than raw emotion 9 times out ‎of 10.

In summation, I think GEN Colon Powell said it best in his book, MY AMERICAN ‎JOURNEY, when briefing – tell them what you’re going to tell them, tell them, and then ‎tell them what you said. It’s a good construct to follow. Have an agenda slide, give the ‎presentation, and then recap for your audience. Utilize the opportunity to engage your ‎audience and never ever read slides to your audience. ‎

Not everyone has an instant affinity for public speaking and working with PowerPoint. ‎However, with some practice and keeping a few simple tips in mind, you can greatly ‎improve your public speaking ability by adding PowerPoint slides.‎

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Mother’s Day: Purchase The Perfect Present!

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The good thing about there being so many choices for Mother’s Day gifts on the market today, is that there are many great ideas for Mother’s Day gifts you may not have thought of before. In this article I hope to help you see a whole new and wide variety of Mother’s Day gifts to choose from.

If she is a new mom, the very best Mother’s Day gifts may be gifts that will help with the baby or toddler. Or, perhaps she would prefer something personal and just for her–depending on the woman. However it is often practical and pleasantly surprising for a new mother to receive Mother’s Day gifts such as toys, blankets, pajamas, and other practical items for her new child.

New moms tend to really like Mother’s Day gifts such as t-shirts or coffee mugs that say “number one mom” or even custom designed t-shirts that have a picture of the new infant, baby or toddler that says: “I love my mommy”. This is, of course, because a new mommy is usually very proud.

However, on the other hand, there are moms out there who consider these kinds of Mother’s Day presents tacky and would much more appreciate a nicer, more expensive gift. If the Mother’s Day gift you are looking for is for your own mother, you very likely already know her personal taste in gifts. The most important factor in such a case then yields the question: how much money do you have to spend on Mother’s Day gifts? Believe it or not, you can find beautiful and luxurious Mother’s Day gifts at discount prices when you search online. And many of these items will be great choices for your mom.

Kids buying Mother’s Day gifts may need a little help, of course. Try to find some merchandise for them to look at before they decide. Of course, the merchandise the children select from will have to be in their allowance price-range, unless you, as their father, or guardian want to pitch in and give the Mother’s Day gift from both of you. Signed “with love from little Josh and Daddy” or something like that.

Young adults looking for Mother’s Day gifts will most often have to consider the cost as well. However, adults do not usually need help finding a Mother’s Day gift within his or her price range very easily. Especially when you search the Internet, there are many great selections to look at.

Your Mother’s Day gifts will be impressive and unexpected when you browse around for that perfect item that mom is sure to love. When you see it you will know that it is perfect for her. You may have given her the usual types of gifts over and over for a long time–but with a wide range of possibilities, you can make this Mother’s Day stand out from all the rest with the best gift ever!

For spouses, and older adults the same rules apply–although older adults and spouses often have a higher budget to work with. However, there are still Mother’s Day gifts that are high quality merchandise and in tip-top condition offered for great prices at the simple click of a mouse. Shop from the convenience of your home this Mother’s Day and choose the Mother’s Day gifts ideal for her!

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Your Loved One Deserves the Perfect Present From You This Christmas

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Sometimes your significant other can be the hardest to shop for when it comes to finding the perfect Christmas gifts. Why is that? Well, it’s probably the fact that it’s pretty important that we get it right. Ever given a gift and had it totally bomb? Chances are, you have and so you will feel quite awful if she doesn’t absolutely love the Christmas presents you choose for her. After all, you should know what she wants more than anyone. So if you’ve been wracking your brain and you’re coming up empty handed in the Christmas gift ideas department, this is for you.

The solution? Give sexy lingerie! The bottom line, it is a gift that keeps on giving. For no matter where your love life is currently, a thoughtful present such as a corset, bustier or babydoll will only make it better. They’re available in every style and fabric you can imagine to please even the pickiest lover. Choose from satin, sheer, fishnet, leather or lace. And a decent selection of plus size lingerie, hard to find in the past, just keeps getting better and better. There simply is no better way to let her know how sexy and beautiful you think she is.

And ladies, even before the big day, you can get things warmed up with a sexy Mrs. Claus or Santa’s Little Helper outfit. He’ll be wondering what he did to deserve what he’s about to unwrap. And, he’ll want to unwrap you all year long, over and over again.

Sexy lingerie doesn’t have to be expensive if you know where to shop. In fact, it’s Victoria’s Secret and Fredericks and the fact they spend millions on advertising as to why their prices are so high and you might be thinking this is not an option for you given the economy. Here’s the truth, though. You can get a lace bodystocking for around $10. If there ever were a cheap way to have some holiday fun and score a 10 in the gift giving department, this is it!

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How To Find The Best Christmas Presents

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It is never too early to prepare for the festive season. If you want to ensure you can make all your friends and family happy, it is essential to know where to find the best Christmas gifts. Many of us make the mistake of leaving the task until the last minute, if you do not want to end up disappointed you should start making a list today.

If living in British Columbia’s capital, it is important to approach Vancouver Christmas shopping as a fun activity. If you feel that it is going to be a big chore, it would be unlikely that you end up choosing the kind of presents that are loved and treasured for a long time. Rather than just buying generic products with very little thought, you should think carefully about what gift would suit each person on your list.

If you are the kind of person who is always left scratching your head as to what to buy, or perhaps you end up frantically rushing around the stores in search of the perfect Christmas presents, you can do away with the confusion by planning and researching the various options online. The internet is a great way to get ideas for your Christmas shopping without ever having to set foot outdoors.

There really is no longer a need to drag yourself from busy store to busy store, when you can be doing all your planning from the comfort and convenience of your own home. Christmas shopping in Vancouver can be a real chore, and more so if it is a cold winters day, use the internet to narrow down your search and then plan your visits to stores accordingly.

Christmas should be a time of enjoyment and excitement. Choosing the best Vancouver Christmas gifts while you still have adequate time can ensure that this season nobody is left disappointed.

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Preparation for Your Presentations

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(Excerpted From the Jim Rohn Millennium Weekend Event)

Persistence in your presentations, this is one secret to success. After my first presentation, I got up and did it again. Even though I was scared to death, I did it again. And that second one wasn’t too good, but guess what. I did it again, and I did it again. And I worked up my courage, and I did it again. I committed to it, and I did it again. And finally, it got to be a little bit easier. I got a little more acquainted with the art of presenting. So have something good to say in your presentations. Preparation for your presentations, this is another key aspect. Here are some words to help you in preparation.

To prepare to have something good to say, keep a keen interest in life and people. Don’t let your senses go dull here. Guess what most people are trying to do – get THROUGH the day. Here is what I am asking this unusual audience to do – get FROM the day. Get from the day a clear picture of the drama of human life – some doing is right, some doing is wrong. Some gathering in; some throwing it away. Some building reputations; some letting it all slide.

Get from the day what is happening in politics. Read the newspapers. Read the magazines. Find out what’s going on. Get from the periodicals. Get from what’s happening. Get from your job. Get from your career. Get from the people around you. What is happening in the community? Get from all of that. The positive side, the negative side.

My parents used to say, “Attend everything.” Some things are so costly; they might be out of reach for a while. Andrea Bocelli came to Beverly Hills. Guess what the tickets cost? $2500.00 for a two-hour performance. That is pretty good pay. So some things might be out of reach, but whatever you can go to, get to. Save up the money and go, so that you will be more aware of what is going on around you.

Keep up that interest in people. Why do they do what they do? How come things are happening today that didn’t happen thirty years ago?

Now the next word is fascination. Be fascinated with life and people and drama that is live and in color every day. Cinemascope. Fascination goes a little bit beyond interest. Interested people want to know does it work. Fascinated people want to know how does it work.

Kids have this unique ability to learn several languages in a six, seven-year period, and the reason is because they are so fascinated. They are so interested. They are so curious. Kids have to know, and that is how the drama of their learning takes on such speed in a fairly short period of time is because of this unusual interest and fascination and curiosity. We’re walking on ants, and kids are studying them. They say, “Don’t walk on those ants. I’m studying them.” How come an ant can carry something bigger than they are? That is a good question. They must be unbelievably strong if they can carry something bigger than they are.

Here is something else I’ve learned. To be fascinated instead of frustrated. It is just a little trick to play. The next time you’re tempted to be frustrated, see if you can’t turn it into fascination. Instead of a frown, it puts a smile on your face. Now sometimes you look a little weird, but so be it. He says, “How can he smile?” I don’t know. He must be somebody different.

Babe Ruth – Home Run King – back in those days of baseball used to strike out and come back to the bench smiling. They used to say, “Babe, you just struck out. How can you smile?” “I’m just that much closer to my next home run. Just stick around. It won’t be long. One will be sailing over the fence.” So find things fascinating instead of frustrating. Just try it. I’ve learned how to do it. Now make this note. It doesn’t work every time. Nothing works every time, but every time you can get it to work, guess what? It will benefit your day. You’ll get more from it. You’ll be fascinated instead of frustrated.

Now I’ve also learned the ultimate. I’m fascinated by my own frustration. How come it doesn’t take me long to loose it on occasion? It must be from my father’s side. My mother was a gentle soul. Just find it all fascinating. I’ve talked to a lot of the Network Marketing companies over the years, and I give them that little clue. Somebody joins and you think they’re going to stay forever, and they leave right away. You have to say, “Isn’t that interesting?” And someone you thought would never make it, sure enough they become superstars. You have to say, “Isn’t that interesting?” You say, “I thought they’d stay forever, they don’t stay. Isn’t that interesting. I didn’t think they’d do anything, look what they’re doing. Isn’t that interesting?”

So that is a good phrase. Find it interesting. Find it fascinating. Wow, I never thought that would happen. I had another picture in mind. Wow! Was I ever wrong. And it’s good sometimes to be wrong on the positive side. I didn’t think it was going to work, and it worked. Say, “What if somebody doesn’t look at your business opportunity?” Say, “What if they do?” It doesn’t take much to turn the question around. Say, “What if they won’t join after they look?” “What if they do? What if they join and stay.” But I’ve got a better question, “What if they do stay?” “What if they quit after three months?” I have a better question, “What if they stay?”

So sometimes little tricks you can play to give yourself a different look because somebody could either stay or leave and wouldn’t it be better to assume that they would stay and then if they leave say, “Isn’t that interesting?” I have learned to do that with myself. “Wow! Look what I did. Isn’t that interesting? Wow! I thought I was going to behave better. Wow! I lost it. Isn’t that interesting? I thought for sure that wasn’t going to bother me. Sure enough. I thought I had a handle on this. Looks like I’ve got some work to do.” Find yourself fascinating and interesting as you journey through life. Give yourself a chance.

Now here is the next word that is very important if you want to be a good communicator, and that is sensitivity. Sensitive to someone’s drama and trouble and difficulty. As you contemplate your own, now you can be sensitive to someone else. And there is no better way to be helpful than to do your best to try and understand. Here is the old phrase we’ve heard it, let’s jot it down this time. “Learn to walk in someone’s shoes for a while. Try to understand where they are.” How come they’re in this dilemma? Maybe it’s something I don’t know. I don’t understand. How come this person is losing his temper when he should keep it? Who knows what might have happened the last three weeks. I don’t know. Let’s give somebody room by trying to understand.

Be sensitive to someone lashing out and being difficult at the same time. Hey! We can handle that. We don’t have to retaliate and fight back. Can’t we say, “Maybe there’s a good reason this person behaves in this way.” That is an easier way. Sensitivity. Trying to understand. Trying to comprehend the full drama of human experience. One of the greatest phrases in the Bible, “Blessed are the peacemakers.” Guess what a peacemaker is? Someone that you hope is around when the conflict could be resolved. Someone who understands both sides and brings them together. Say, “I know you’ve got some animosity, but now that you’ve fought and that didn’t settle it… couldn’t we get together and reason this whole thing out.

So in times of conflict, we look for a peacemaker. And the peacemaker has to understand both sides of the issue. Say, “I understand your dilemma, and I can see where you’re coming from, and I can understand why you said what you said then you said what you said. But hey! Isn’t there a better way? Couldn’t we find a better way to settle it all?” And that is what we are looking for.

Parents have to learn to be peacemakers when there are two sides to an issue and maybe neither one is that far wrong. But to try to settle it, we have to understand both sides. We have to understand the feelings on both sides, and that kind of sensitivity gives us a wonderful opportunity to grow, so that we can communicate and our words will be meaningful. Then the test comes, and the drama comes and the time comes to step up and speak or to sit down and speak or to be quiet and speak or to be loud and speak. Whatever that might call for, we’ll be prepared if we do have a genuine understanding. So preparation in all areas of life is so vital to your success. Don’t be lazy in preparing; don’t be lazy in laying the groundwork that will make all of the difference in how your life turns out.

To Your Success,

Jim Rohn

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A Dry Erase Presentation Board – Important Product Uses

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There is a great level of emphasis to produce a product that will be of great use to record the various happenings in important events like meetings and conferences. There is a wonderful product that is available in the market to fulfill the above purpose.

There are different types of dry erase presentation boards that are being marketed. These boards can be used in a fascinating manner to register all the important points and notes that are being delivered in important events like conferences and meetings. These presentation boards will also be of great significance during activities such as the brainstorming session where there will be a need to record various points that are being told by many people who are involved in the discussion

Wipe off with ease

The most important feature which is associated with the usage of these items is that the various writings which are being made on this product can be easily wiped off. There are many people who have found this product to be of great due to the incorporation of the above factor. There are number of advantages that can be obtained due to the usage of these products since there will be great decrease in the amount of storage space which will otherwise be necessary if products like papers are being used for this purpose. There is a special dry marker pen which can be used to write on this surface. If any other kind of pens is being used then it is not possible to wipe the board without leaving strains.

Boards of different size

To fulfill the various specific needs of the corporate people these dry erase boards are available in different sizes and shapes. These boards are made with the best quality material such that this product will be lasting for a very long period of time. The durability factor of this product is another important asset which can be effectively used. There are many gorgeous colors in which the boards come and the most preferred being white. The manufacturing process of this board ensures that the desired fit and finish will be obtained to present best looks. These boards can be easily attached to the walls.

Thus this dry erase presentation board will surely revolutionize the way in which various kinds of writings were being done during important occasions such as corporate presentation, brainstorming sessions and much other purpose.

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Don’t Be Afraid to Present Your Opportunity

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Don’t be a scaredy-rep. Well, most of us have experienced this feeling in the beginning, but really there’s nothing to be afraid of. So many network marketing reps are so afraid of this, but I’ll show you how easy it can actually be.

Most companies promote the idea of PBR’s, or private business receptions. This is the most effective use of your time, because you gather a group of people together at the same time to hear your presentation. It’s done in a casual setting, like your home, and a super effective way to expose, engage, excite and explode your organization. The other advantage to doing a PBR is that it’s the most effective way to create duplication in your down line.

Be a leader and hold PBR’s with your team, having them help with inviting and during the event. They will learn how easy this method is and, and more importantly, that this is the way your team does things. When you have your entire team duplicating this process, everyone has the potential of exploding exponentially.

Now, you may hear other marketers out there who say that PBR’s aren’t necessary, or that they don’t like to do them. That’s fine, but I can assure you that those who do hold regular PBR’s, and teach their team to do the same, will grow the fastest. You just can’t beat presenting to a group of 5, 10, 20, or more at once. You save a ton of time, benefit from the excitement of the group, and grow your entire organization much faster.

If you lead this way, it will show that this is one way to develop themselves and grow into a better marketer in the long run. This is where people skills will be sharpened and leadership is developed.

There really isn’t anything mysterious about the process. You simply invite people to attend a short presentation, never trick them into coming, serve some simple snacks, show your opportunity, answer questions, and give a call to action. Discover who may not be interested at all in learning more and thank them for coming. They can gather in a separate room to visit if they like, while you spend a little time with people who show interest.

Have applications handy, and when all questions have been answered, give hem the call to action: “well, it looks like you’re ready to going, which credit card do you want to use”? It’s important to get them started right away, or you stand to lose the excitement. Get them right into training and setting up their own first PBR.

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What To Look For In An Event Presenter

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Getting the assistance of an event presenter for your occasion can be troublesome if you will pick the wrong candidate. Because of this, you have to be more choosy and take into serious consideration some traits that your speaker must possess. Below is a simple checklist of the characteristics you must look for in your event presenter:

1. Credible

A presenter who is not at all knowledgeable about the subject he is talking about will not appear convincing to the audience. Take note that the audience cannot be easily fooled; so trying to trick them with a speaker who doesn’t have any authority on the subject matter will not work. Keep in mind the popular quote “walk the talk” when choosing.

2. Message

Contemporary addressees are looking for value and as such, you need to have an event presenter that has an appropriate message for the occasion. Do not simply rely on the name as this does not guarantee a hundred per cent success. Take into account the capability of the speaker to give a fitting and compelling as well as inspiring message, unless you are only after entertainment.

3. Excellent Delivery Skills

A good message will go to waste if the delivery is poor. In addition, writing and speaking are skills that are not necessarily related. You don’t want to end up with a bored and sleepy audience. Therefore, select someone who is both good at creating quality content and delivering it brilliantly.

4. Reliable

All the above mentioned traits will not matter if your selected speaker is a pain in the neck. Organizing and planning an event is already hard. It is totally not a cakewalk and for sure, you do not want an additional burden. Get a presenter who can deliver the promised goods on time and not one who breaks his words. Additionally, do not go for a diva like speaker. There are plenty of more dependable, professional, and outstanding event presenters out there. You do not need to worry about getting a replacement.

5. Good Track Record

One’s credibility and reliability can be assessed through his track record. Your potential candidate should have a clean and exceptional track record. Dig up any negative feedback or testimonial you can find. You can accomplish this by asking around.

Going through this short and simple checklist will help you wind up with the perfect event presenter for any company occasion you have.

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Key Benefits of Listing Presentation Kits in Commercial Real Estate

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When it comes to the opportunity of listing a commercial or retail property, you sometimes only have one chance and that can be very short and brief. Preparation for the process is therefore essential. Every salesperson should carry with them a listing presentation kit to be used at any time and in any circumstances.

Presentation kits should be specifically designed for the following:

· Commercial and or Retail Property Sales

· Commercial and or Retail Property Leasing

· Industrial Property Sales and or Leasing

· Commercial and Retail Property Management Services

In each of the above cases, the kit it is quite unique and special. Special attention needs to be given to the presentation and the layout of the kit. A higher bias needs to be made towards visual material including photographs, graphs, illustrations, and testimonials.

As part of the presentation kit, you should include standard checklists relating to your specialty property types in your local area. This will allow you to have a specific focus on key questions and solutions that should be involved in your discussions or with relevance to the property type.

A common problem in the industry is that many salespeople create questions from previous experience and market knowledge. Whilst this works in part, it does not allow you to comprehensively cover the specific property type and the detailed challenges that the client may be facing. You only have a few minutes with the client and during that time you must impress them with comprehensive information and solutions. A checklist will allow you to do that.

So your presentation kits with due regard to the above property types can be built around some or all of the following factors:

  1. To provide details of recent sales and leasing activity in the local property area.
  2. Have a selection of photographs relating to other properties sold or currently listed.
  3. Property research will always be of value when it comes to the supply and demand of commercial, industrial, and retail property space currently.
  4. Factors of time on market need to be shown to the client. They need to understand that the sales or leasing process could take time based on current market evidence.
  5. Have selections of marketing material available for them to choose from. This will also include estimates of costing for at least three alternative marketing programs.
  6. Provide examples of recent advertising in the newspapers, Internet, e-mail marketing, and direct mail categories.
  7. Provide a summary of your database segmentation so they understand the ability that your office has to tap into the right target market quickly.
  8. Your presentation kit should include legally correct listing materials so that you can sign a client on to a listing immediately.
  9. Carry some standard form that you can complete to capture property enquiry details from any one at any time. These forms can be entered into the database at a later time.
  10. Carry with you contracts and lease agreements to be used at any time when you are away from the office.
  11. Have a variety of property inspection forms with you so you can list any property type comprehensively and thoroughly.
  12. Carry a digital camera at all times to take photographs of any property

A comprehensive presentation kit will give you confidence in your listing meetings with clients and prospects. It also shows the client your level of preparedness to proceed.

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The 5 Most Common Mistakes Made in a 60 Second Presentation

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In my daily travels as a BNI Director I am often asked to evaluate a new word of mouth networker’s elevator speech. You know their “Sales Manager Minutes”. Over the years I have discovered over 2 dozen things that a person can do wrong when presenting their sales manager minutes. In this segment I will discuss the 5 most common mistakes that I see. More importantly, I will give you the cure for these all so common, ills so that your 60 second presentations produce results.

Common Mistake #5. Trying to cram too much in!” I often hear 60 second presentations that start off with a long list of what I call the “I do’s”. Here the presenter is trying to squeeze every aspect of their business in to 60 second, (which is like try to put 10 lbs of sand in a 5 lb bag). This mistake is often made worse when the presenter uses the words “I specialize in” and then they rattle off their long list of “I’ do’s”. The cure for this mistake is being focused and specific. Pick a single subject. Develop a story around that subject and pace yourself. You don’t’ want to come across like your reading a disclaimer; instead make sure there is time for strategic silences and a smooth flow.

Common Mistake #4. “Not asking for a referral!” I have seen many new BNI members stand and give a great description of what they do and what benefits they offer and how they are different from their competition and totally forget to ask for a referral. The best way to fix this is to begin with the end in mind. Start with the referral you want and build the 60 second presentation around it.

Common Mistake #3. “Not using stories.” It’s important that your message connect with the audience at an emotional level. Many rookie BNI members and net workers will stand and spit out facts, figure and studies “showing that they are the best”. But they receive few if any referral from these messages. There is a saying in sales that goes something like this; “Facts Tell and Stories sell”. If you can wrap an emotionally charged story around your focused subject you are more likely to compel someone to action. Always mention the customer pain and make yourself the white night who rescues them.

Common Mistake #2. “Not saying what to do or say.” I have seen networkers stand up and present very moving sale manager minutes full of emotion and words that move you to action. However many time these other wise great 60 second presentations are render mediocre because they did not “tell you what to do or say”, when you recognize their dream referral. They did not give you the piece of information that empowers you to act on their behalf. My 60 second presentations usually end with “give them my card and ask when I can call”. A few more examples are; “tell them about our free refrigerator, good through the end of the month”, or” tell them to go to my website to and click on specials”, or ask “if they would like to meet.” In many cases if you don’t tell your partners what to do they will do nothing! Empower them, tell them what to say and do.

Common Mistake #1 Last but not least “Not being specific.” This mistake is a relative of #4, not asking for a referral. Here the member ask for too broad of a referral. Not asking for a specific referral is like asking your referral partners to do a lot of work for you (work you should have already done for them). The rookie networker will say things like “so if you know somebody”, or they may say “anybody you know who”, try to get a hit in your brains search engine. They are assuming that if you cast a wide net you will catch more fish. But the opposite is what really works best because anybody or somebody produces nobody.

Plus if you really think about it, there is no category in your brain called anybody or some body. No individuals are stored there. It doesn’t compute. By giving your partner a specific company name, persons name and their position, you make it much easier for your partners’ brain to come up with a match. If you can’t say a specific name, create a 5 point profile describing the person that you’re looking for. The easier you make it for your partners, the greater the likely hood of receiving your qualified referral.

Of the top 5 mistake, removing #1 will produce the greatest return for your efforts. Don’t get me wrong I want you to eliminate all 5 of these common mistakes. When you do, you will find that you have increased your credibility, are getting more and better quality referral and best of all you will really start to grow your business. Future segments will talk about another group of common mistakes you will want to eliminate. Until then, work on these and let me know how it’s helping you. If you would like to know more about this subject, visit my free blog to read several other articles covering this subject.

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